Save the Date Cards
Wedding Invitations & R.S.V.P. Cards
Wedding Programs
Personalized Napkin Wraps

For the Save the Date cards, we had a themed portrait taken, bought the image on a disk (along with the copyright), then made it into premium post cards sent through a USPS "trusted business partner". These full-color, glossy laminated cards are nice enough to frame and only cost $.79 each, including shipping! I didn't have to touch a single pen or stamp! You can even import your address book from another program or e-mail service so you don't have to type in names and addresses. Click Here to order! Hawaiian Wedding & Luau Save the Date card picture
Hawaiian Wedding & Luau Invitation Outside
Wedding Invitation Outside
Hawaiian Wedding & Luau Invitation Inside
Wedding Invitation Inside
For the invitations, we we decided to have a self-mailer to save money versus those fancy invitations with all that unnecessary tissue paper and those extra envelopes.

On a greeting card program, we designed the invitations ourselves. We bought a ream of lightly colored cardstock from a local printer, used the inkjet printer at home to print them, and cut and folded them by hand.

The RSVP post cards and maps were printed on the same cardstock and cut to fit inside the self-mailer, making sure the finished size was large enough to send through the mail.

After assembling the invitations, RSVP cards, and maps to a neat and fitted package, we sealed everything with a matching sticker, also printed on our inkjet printer on sticker paper and hand cut.

Hawaiian Wedding Invitation Sticker Seal

Hawaiian Wedding & Luau RSVP Postcard Front
Wedding R.S.V.P Postcard Front
Hawaiian Wedding & Luau RSVP Postcard Back
Wedding R.S.V.P Postcard Back
The programs were an important item for each place setting. First and foremost, it served as a name card for the assigned seating. Under each person's full name, we also printed their name translated in Hawaiian (Click here for translations). Other pertinent information, such as the wedding party names and a schedule of events was printed on the inside (not shown). On the back, we had extra room to note miscellaneous stuff, like the menu.

These were printed on high quality white letter paper on our inkjet printer, then hand cut and folded. The finished size was 4.25" X 5.5", so we could fit 2 programs on a single sheet of paper.

Hawaiian Wedding & Luau Program Front
Wedding Program Front
Hawaiian Wedding & Luau Program Back
Wedding Program Back
Personalized Hawaiian Napkin Wraps
Personalized Napkin Wraps
Translates To:

May Our Love Last Forever
Michael & Roberta
August 28, 2004
Another personalization we made was with the napkin wraps. Written in the colors of the napkins, they feature a sentiment, our names, and the wedding date, all in Hawaiian (Click here for Hawaiian phrases). We printed these wraps on high quality white paper and cut them to about 4 1/4" X 1 1/8". They were secured around the wrapped silverware with a swipe of a glue stick. Personalized Hawaiian Napkin Wrap around Silverware
Wrapped Silverware

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